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  • The Blood Flowed Like Wine
    When you first throw on The Blood Flowed Like Wine, you might think, “This sounds like Rome (the Danger Mouse album).” Check yourself, though. Rome came out in 2011. Guess how long Federale’s been doing it? Since 2005. Now who sounds like whom?

    It’s been a while since a solid, non-pretentious concept album has come around, but Federale&rsq...
  • Peter Daltrey and The Asteroid 4 - The Journey
    The Asteroid 4


    If you are reading this now, it is to suit reason. You have been chosen to join us on the Journey.

    The Journey will gift you instantly with that warm familiar voice of our wise oracle, summoned here and accompanied by modern day jangle priests.
    Priests of highest caliber.
  • Ashes
    Lower Heaven

    "...Lower Heaven’s euphonic tones are cast in gray heather, creating something beautiful in its malaise...It’s these contrasting foggy notions of allure and elegy, light and dark that give the band its dynamic and depth. This chasm is cut deepest on “Lose It All At Once,” where the thundering gloom of its refrains parts to let the chorus cast its piercing light. Here, and on the record as a whole, the band proves that they’re not ...

  • Dead Magick
    Dead Skeletons

    LP: 2x 180 gram coloured vinyl (1x Burgundy & 1x Blue)

    What is a "dead skeleton"? Can such an entity exist? Sonic wizards [alt: warlocks] Jón Sæmundur, Henrik Björnsson and Ryan Carlson Van Kriedt probe such questions of depth and intensity on their first full-length [TK - double] LP Dead Magick. This album illuminates the fact that magick - as well as music - is far from "dead." In fact, Dead Magick...

  • Ghost of the West

    t’s not difficult to lose touch with the past as the rate of change continues to accelerate exponentially. Taking a look back to examine your roots can be a very self-explorative journey. Psychedelic spaghetti-western rock band Spindrift dug deep on their 2012 “Ghost Town Tour” through America’s western ghost towns. They channe...

  • Engineer Man
    The Young Sinclairs
    "These are prime jangle-pop cuts that stand up to some of the best that 1967 had to throw at us. The sound is part Byrds, part Beatles, part Nuggets compilation and a dose of early The Who for added powerpop force. It's not namby-pamby pop, it's powerpop, and 'Engineer Man' leads the way with delicious harmonies, crisp guitars and octopus-armed drumming; dislike it at your peril, this is timeless stuff. On the flip, 'Problems' deliver...
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